Maybe this will help all the haters understand why I’m still so fond of this programming language. I’ll have a cup of it anytime!

Looks like someone at RedGate read my mind: Manipulating HDFS storage on an interface like Windows explorer. Check out the demo video below:

You can get the software here:

Como fazer a declaração de IRS português em Linux | Ubuntued:

Para quem, como eu, utiliza software livre nos computadores lá de casa, aqui vai uma ajuda!

I’ve published a small ebook meant to help IT professionals, with background experience on Apache Hadoop, transition to its Microsoft cloud implementation. The assumption will be that the client will be running Windows along with PowerShell.

This is not a book to learn Hadoop, its purpose is to accelerate the adoption by Hadoop developers coming from in-house clusters or cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services.

You can check it out at Amazon Kindle Store.

Here’s a look at the table of contents:

2 Introduction
3 Do you have what it takes?
3.1 Create a Microsoft Account
3.2 Register for Microsoft Azure
3.3 Download and Install the Azure SDK
3.4 Configure the Azure SDK to your Online Account
4 Setting Things Up for HDInsight
4.1 Creating a Storage Account
4.2 Create a Container using Microsoft Azure Powershell
4.3 Uploading Input Files to Azure Blob Storage
4.3.1 Using Powershell
4.3.2 Using Free GUI Tools
4.4 Provisioning an HDInsight Cluster with Quick Create
4.5 Provisioning an HDInsight Cluster with Powershell
5 Meeting Old Friends in New Places
5.1 Running Map Reduce Jobs Programatically
5.2 Retrieving Job Output
5.3 Using Hive with HDInsight
6 General HDInsight Powershell Guidance
6.1 Basic building blocks
6.2 Scripts used to perform the tasks on this book
6.2.1 Create Storage Container
6.2.2 Upload File
6.2.3 Download File
6.2.4 Delete File
6.2.5 Hadoop Submit Job
6.2.6 Hive Create Table
6.2.7 Hive Load Data
6.2.8 Hive Perform Query

Happy reading!

Free ebook: Introducing Microsoft SQL Server 2014:


First I got this:

Free OneNote for everyone :)

Then I read this:

Two bucks a month? Sold!